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Olympus ME30W-WS833 Conference Kit



For meetings, conferences and concerts, with the ME30W-WS833 Conference Kit, it is easier than ever to capture sounds in large gatherings, all in high quality stereo.

This professional solution includes two omni-directional microphones engneered by Olympus for seamless compatibility.

With 360°coverage, you'll never miss a contribution - no matter where the speaker is sitting.

These left and right channel, low-noise stereo microphones cover a 20Hz - 20,000Hz frequency bandwidth and can be attached to two foldable mini tripods which are included in the kit. For maximum coverage, they can be placed up to 5 metres (16ft) apart – perfect for recording in large rooms, concert venues or when many participants are sitting around a very large table.

The ME30W Conference Microphones come with a soft carry case that keeps everything together, compact and protected on the move.

Compatible with Olympus Digital Voice Recorders which have a stereo function, we can supply the ME30W with the WS833 voice recorder to provide the ideal solution for recording personal dictation, meetings or concerts. The WS-833 is packed with powerful functionality - like Zoom Microphone Technology and includes Voice Playback as an extended voice filter skipping non-voice parts, Voice Balancer, Voice Changer and Noise Cancel. It also has an incredible 8GB memory, a linear PCM recording mode that enables CD-quality sound, a manual recording level, integrated music player and FM radio, to name just some highlights of many. It also has easily as much memory capacity as you will ever need (more than 2000 hours) plus a super handy integrated USB stick to keep life extra-easy.





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