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Setting a PIN on a DS9000/DS9500

This guide will take you through how to configure PIN lock.  You must use the Olympus ODMS R7 or the Device Configuration Program software to configure a PIN.

PIN lock for the device can be set by going to:

  • Tools > Options > Device > Device Security

Device Security R7 1

  • Click the 'PIN Code change' button. This will display the PIN code change box, allowing a more secure PIN to be set. The default PIN is 0000.

Device Security R7 2

  • Tick the 'Enable Device Lock function to prevent unauthorized access to the device'
  • The device will prompt the user to enter a PIN at power-on. The device can also be set to prompt the user for a PIN at both power-on and wake-up from standby
  • The number of access attempts can also be limited to allow for upto 10 attempts
  1. Once the 10 attempts have been reached the device will lock itself for 10 minutes
  2. Switching the device off will reset the lock timer to 10 minutes.

Device Security R7 3

  • Then click Apply/OK.

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