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Olympus Product Licensing


There are two licensing models, Standalone License or Volume Licence

Standalone licenses

For use on a standalone PC

These are supplied with new equipment or bought seperately as a full single license or an upgrade license to be installed as an upgrade on the previous version*.        

The license codes indicate the Version number and type of license, Dictation or Transcription.  Typically looking like this:  

RT76-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX       for a Transcription License of Version 7       

RD76-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX       for a Dictation License of Version 7    

*Upgrade to ODMS R7 requires ODMS Version 6 or higher. v5 or earlier requires a full license to be purchased

In Very Small Workgroups (Unmanaged, Workgroup networks, Simple File Shares)

It is possible to use Standalone licenses in Very Small Workgroups to share a dictation repository via a network share.  Such a installations would only be done in a Workgroup network without Active Directory or a Windows Server on site.  Please refer to your own internal IT departments if you wish to setup ODMS in this manner or require support for the issues you may encounter in an unmanaged setup.  These types of arrangements can lead to lost dictations and generally require an enhanced level of support from your own internal provider.  Our free support commitment does not include this type of installation.

Volume Licenses

Workgroups within a Domain Network (Windows Server+Active Directory)

For a fully managed Workgroup Dictation and Transcription system we will convert your standalone licenses into a Single Volume License for your organisation.  Enabling management of the Dictation network and flexible concurrent licensing to be used on your network.  This type of installation is the recommended route when creating a Dictation Network and requires the purchase of the Olympus System Configuration Program (ODMS R7 SCP - AS9005).




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