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Grundig DigtaSoft Dictation Network

Software for efficient cooperation between authors and secretarial staff

DigtaSoft Pro
DigtaSoft Pro is an application to manage complex dictation workflows, including player and recorder with comprehensive functionality, such as: advanced dictation organization by (auto)archiving in the additional Completed Dictations folder as many additional in-boxes as desired setting deadlines, displaying dictation history, etc. dictation filter terminal server support: Citrix® and Windows® terminal servers 30-day trial version.


The DSSMover program will automatically send dictations from mobile dictation devices. It detects when a dictation machine has been connected and automatically transmits the dictations. DSSMover obtains information about the intended recipients from the dictation device's configuration.

The NetAdministration program is used by the system administrator to configure workflow and dictation devices.

Digta Configurator
Digta Configurator 4.7 is a Grundig Business Systems tool for quick and easy configuration of your dictation device. The Digta Configurator can be used for the following purposes: Importing and exporting dictation device information General configuration of the dictation device Personalization of your dictation device Expansion of your dictation device functions.


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