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Olympus VP10

ImageThe new Olympus VP-10 gives a new dimension to digital business recording. Discreet in design, the VP-10 Recorder has advanced audio recorder tools that offers high-quality stereo recording and a host of convenient features for instant operation and clear recordings.

The Olympus VP10 Recorder can be set to record in 3 different formats:PCM (wav), MP3 and WMA. The VP10 has a special feature call Voice Balancer which makes softer voices louder while keeping louder voices below a given level, ensuring that playback is clear and consistent. It simultaneously eliminates the low and high frequency ranges of a recording to enhance the speaker’s voice even further.

For optimum recording the VP10 can be set to specific scenes. Pocket Mode is effective for recording a wide range of voices when the device is in your pocket. You can also select Dictation, Conference or Meeting scenes for fail-proof, high-quality recordings depending on your environment.

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