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DPM Audio Format Change

Changing DPM Audio Formats

Are you trying to figure out how to change the recording format on your Philips® DPM8000 series Pocket Memo? It’s fairly simple, and can be accomplished through the SpeechExec Pro software or on the device itself.
Just so you know what’s available, here are the audio formats the DPM8000 can record in:
.WAV (PCM) Mono or Stereo
Using SpeechExec Pro

1. Turn on the recorder and plug it into the computer.
2. Open SpeechExec Pro.
3. Go to Settings > General Settings > DPM Configuration > DPM Settings. Alternatively, click the “DPM Settings” icon near the top of the window.
4. Click “Start Configuration.”
5. Go to “Advanced” and select the “Personal” profile. In the “Recording Quality” column, use the dropdown menu to choose between available audio types. Note that DSS SP maps to .DSS and DSS QP corresponds to the .DS2 file extension.
6. Click OK. Allow the settings to upload to the device.
7. Then, unplug your DPM8000. Press the [Profile] button. Select “Personal” and press [OK].
8. Create a new dictation.
Using the DPM8000

1. Press the [Profile] button.
2. Select “Personal” and press [Enter]. Choose “Quality Setting” and press [Enter] again.
3. Highlight the audio format you need and press [OK]. You should see a checkmark indicate your selection.
4. Create a new recording.

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