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Classic Modes For Digital Dictation Machines

Classic modes add flexibility when buying new equipment

New equipment will work with old dictation software

In many cases we are asked to supply new dictation machines for use with older software.  Here are a few hints and tips to help your new dictation equipment work with your older software and systems.  In nearly all cases you can easily make a new model dictation machine or microphone work with old or even very old software.

Tip 1: Your new device may have a "legacy mode" so it can appear to your older software like a model that it can work with.  All of the new Olympus RecMic II Dictation Microphones have a "DR-2100 mode" so they will work with your old software.

Tip 2: If you've just bought a new dictation machine (ie. a Philips DPM8000 series or Olympus DS-9000 series) ensure that it is recording in Classic DSS format and not DS2 format.  This is particularly important with early versions of Winscribe, G2, Express Scribe, BigHand.

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