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Bighand and Winscribe Dictation Equipment

Integrator Editions offer hardware for your Bighand, Winscribe or third party dictation software 


BigHand and Winscribe Compatibility straight out of the box

The following models are compatible with the current versions of both BigHand and Winscribe:

Olympus DS-9000 (and DS-9500) System Edition

Olympus RM RecMic II Series  RM4100S | RM4010P | RM4110S | RM4015P 8GB

Philips DPM8100 | DPM8300 and the entire DPM8000 series (ie. any Pro Philips machine)

Some older versions of the software may require that your device is put into "classic mode".  Please call us for assistance if you have problems during the initial setup.


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