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Transcription Equipment

The endpoint of the Dictation workflow

Business Dictation specialises in the supply of specialist transcription equipment to business, corporate or health customers. We are the oldest and largest supplier of such equipment in the UK.

Transcription Bundles (Kits)images/stories/AS-9000.png

 DIGITAL  In the Olympus range these are the Olympus AS-9000 (GDPR Compliance/Pro use), Olympus AS-2400 (not GDPR/Semi-pro).  In the Philips range these are the Philips LFH7277 (GDPR Compliance/Pro use), Philips LFH7177 (not GDPR/Semi-pro).  Grundig also offer several ranges of Transcription Kits.

 ANALOGUE  We also still sell plenty of Analogue (tape-based) Transcription Equipment. Transcription kits are also available for this classic technology. Most commonly in the UK these are in the Philips range of Desktop Tape equipment such as the LFH720T Transcriber and LFH725T/D* Desktop Dictation Machine.  Grundig also offer an extensive range of tape Desktop Transcription systems based on their proprietory Stenocassette Mini Cassette system such as the 3220, 3221, 3210 and 3211.    *Dictation and Transcription variants

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