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Grundig 3220 Dual Purpose

ImageThe Stenorette® St 3220 offers all the advantages of a professional, desktop machine. The easy to read LCD panel displays the number and total time of the dictations. Letter end markings and corrections can be distinguished from each other via the index function. Connection for a ProMic 800 FX microphone, a headphone (for example Swingphone 562) and a 536 foot control or 541 hand control.


  • Letter end mark and search function
  • Conference recording when connected to the ProMic 800 FX microphone (3 stage microphone sensitivity)
  • Adjustable backspace
  • Variable playback speed (+/– 15%)
  • Fast forward and rewind
  • Fast erase
  • Early warning signal before tape end when recording; warning signal with tape end and no cassette inserted



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