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Ear tips for all makes

We stock a complete range of eartips to suit all types of headset. However, due to the wide variety of headsets, it is recommended that you check with us before ordering if you are unsure of the exact type of eartips you require.

CodeDescription (sizes before fitting)QtyPicture
BDL01 Grey Foam, round with a hole in the middle. 19mm dia. X 16mm thick 15 pairs Image
BDL02 White plastic. Bullet shaped. To fit Philips LFH232 & Grundig 514E
10 pairs  Image
BDL02A White plastic. Cone shaped. For Philips LFH234/334
5 pairs Image
BDL03 For large over the head Walkman style headsets 55/50mm dia X 10mm thick. e.g. BDL236/LFH2236
5 pairs  Image
BDL04B Small Walkman DeLuxe beret shape 17mm dia X 6mm thick 3 pairs Image
BDL04C Small Walkman Superior beret shape 22mm dia X 9mm thick for Philips LFH234/334 headsets
3 pairs Image
BDL99 Olympus Covers for Olympus E102 headset
5 pairs  Image
BDL99A Olympus Walkman for E62 & No longer Spectra headsets
5 pairs Image
BDL99B Olympus large domes for E62 headset
5 pairs Image



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