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Introducing Digital Dictation

Professional, Non-Professional and Basic Models to suit everyone

Digital dictation can seem a bit of a mystery at first but really it is as simple or as complicated as you wish to make it. The basic steps in a digital workflow are as follows: The author dictates into a handheld device as normal. The digital recorder will normally have a media card similar to the ones found in digital cameras. The author plugs the recorder into a computer using a standard USB cable. Installed on the computer will be the software that came with the device. This will automatically transfer the dictations from the recorder to the computer. Depending on requirements, the dictations are sent to the transcriptionist’s computer. This could be via eMail, over the network or various other more specialised ways. The transcriptionist will use a digital transcription kit which comprises a foot control, headset and software. The software is installed on the transcriptionist’s computer, the foot control plugs into a USB port and the headset plugs into the headphone socket on the PC. 

Digital Dictation Recorder types

Choosing a Digital Recorder There are three types of recorders you can buy. These are Notetaker, Dictation Machine and Conference Recorder. Additionally, Speech Microphones such as the Speechmike and RecMic series USB Professional Speech Recording Microphones have become popular for use.images/stories/DS-9500cropped.png


This is the lowest price recorder you can purchase. Does not have the ability to re-enter your recording to add or edit speech after playback. Suitable for lectures, small meetings and general note taking.

Full edit recorder/proper Dictation Machine

This recorder can rewind, play a file and if necessary insert text, record over part or the entire recording. We recommend the following; Olympus DS9000 and Philips DPM8000 range or (semi professional) Philips DPM7200. If you are replacing a mini, micro, steno, or standard cassette system you will most likely need a full edit recorder/dictation machine.

Conference Recorder

The recording format is generally MP3 or WMA. We recommend the following as they all have very good microphone pickup; Olympus ME30W with WS812 or WS813 and Philips LFH955. Speech Microphones These are a great choice for businesses that output large quantities of dictated documentation from dedicated workstations. Simply plug the RecMic into the USB port of your dedicated workstation and say what you need to say. Couple it with the speech-recognition software of your choice and watch as your words become digital documentation instantaneously.

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