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Please be aware that there are three different types of dictation equipment: Professional, Semi-Professional and Basic

  • Professional: Designed for regular and prolonged use. Has the facility to set up automatic email/FTP/transfer of dictations to pre-defined locations. Will usually include such things as PIN code locking and file encryption. Suitable for: Medical professionals, Solicitors, Architects, Surveyors, Estate Agents and all professionals that need a reliable, expandable and versatile system.
  • Semi-Professional: Also designed for regular and prolonged use but may or may not have the facility to automate the transfer of dictations via email. Does not have PIN code locking or file encryption. Suitable for: Small to medium sized businesses and certain medical professionals who may not need all the features of the Pro equipment but who still require a 'Proper' dictation machine rather than a notetaker.
  • Basic: Designed for the occasional user. Often incorporates extras such as music playback. Suitable for: Students and all occasional users of dictation equipment. These machines are not suitable for prolonged, everyday use.
Olympus DS5500 Pro Voice Recorder
Olympus DS5500 Pro Voice Recorder Without Software
Olympus DS7000 Pro Voice Recorder
Olympus DS7000 Pro Voice Recorder Without Software
Olympus DS5000id Pro Voice Recorder
Olympus DS3500 Pro Voice Recorder
Olympus DR1200 Pro Microphone
Olympus DR2100 Pro Microphone
Olympus DR2200 Pro Microphone
Olympus AS7000 Pro Transcription Kit
Olympus SC1 Pro Barcode Reader
Olympus DS2500 Voice Recorder
Olympus AS2400 Transcription Kit
Olympus ME30W Conference Microphones
Olympus ME30W-WS833 Conference Kit
Olympus ME30W-WS832 Conference Kit
Olympus ME33 Conference Microphone
Olympus VN541PC Digital Notetaker
Olympus DM720 Digital Recorder
Olympus DM770 Digital Recorder
Olympus VN731PC-DNS Digital Notetaker (Was VN711PC-DNS)
Olympus VN741PC-DNS Digital Notetaker (Was VN731PC-DNS)
Olympus WS852 Digital Recorder (Replaces VN732, VN733 and WS831)
Olympus WS853 Digital Recorder (Replaces WS832 and WS833)
Olympus DP-311 Digital Recorder
Olympus CR10 Docking Station
Olympus CR15 Docking Station
Olympus E102 Headset
Olympus E62 Headset
Olympus RS28 Foot Control
Olympus RS31 Foot Control
Olympus KP21 Download Cable
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