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Olympus Basic Equipment

Basic notetakers. These are "value" sound recorders but they lack the features of more expensive Dictation Recorders in the Professional or Semi Professional Ranges. Suitable for students or home users only. These devices are not GDPR compliant and professional users are encouraged to purchase devices that are capable of recording in encrypted formats such as .ds2.  See the Olympus DS-9000 and DS-9500 (Wifi).

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Olympus VP10
Olympus WS-806
Olympus DS2600 Voice Recorder
Olympus VN541PC Digital Notetaker
Olympus DM720 Digital Recorder
Olympus DM770 Digital Recorder
Olympus WS852 Digital Recorder (Replaces VN732, VN733 and WS831)
Olympus WS853 Digital Recorder (Replaces WS832 and WS833)
Olympus DP-311 Digital Recorder

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