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There are three different types of dictation equipment: Professional, Semi-Professional and Basic

Professional: Designed for regular and prolonged use. Has the facility to set up automatic email/FTP/transfer of dictations to pre-defined locations. Will usually include such things as PIN code locking and file encryption. Suitable for: Medical professionals, Solicitors, Architects, Surveyors, Estate Agents and all professionals that need a reliable, expandable and versatile system.
Semi-Professional: Also designed for regular and prolonged use but may or may not have the facility to automate the transfer of dictations via email. Does not have PIN code locking or file encryption. Suitable for: Small to medium sized businesses and certain medical professionals who may not need all the features of the Pro equipment but who still require a 'Proper' dictation machine rather than a notetaker.
Basic: Designed for the occasional user. Often incorporates extras such as music playback. Suitable for: Students and all occasional users of dictation equipment. These machines are not suitable for prolonged, everyday use.
Philips LFH5220 Transcription Hardware Kit
Philips DPM8000 Digital Pocket Memo
Philips DPM8100 Digital Pocket Memo
Philips DPM8200 Digital Pocket Memo
Philips DPM8300 Digital Pocket Memo
Philips DPM8500 Digital Pocket Memo With Barcode Scanner
Philips DPM8900 Conference Recording Kit
Philips DPM6000 Digital Recorder
Philips DPM7200 Digital Recorder
Philips DPM6700 Digital Starter Kit
Philips DPM7700 Digital Starter Kit
Philips LFH7177 Transcription Kit
Philips LFH7277 Pro Transcription Kit
Philips LFH3200 Series Speechmikes
Philips LFH3500 Speechmike Premium
Philips LFH3600 Speechmike Premium With Barcode Scanner
Philips SMP3700 Premium SpeechMike
Philips SMP3710 Premium SpeechMike
Philips SMP3800 Premium SpeechMike with Barcode Scanner
Philips SMP3810 Premium SpeechMike with Barcode Scanner
Philips Speechmike Air
Philips DVT1300 Digital Voice Tracer (Replaces DVT1400 and DVT2000)
Philips DVT2510 Digital Voice Tracer
Philips DVT2710 Digital Voice Tracer With Dragon Naturally Speaking
Philips DVT4010 Digital Voice Tracer
Philips DVT6010 Digital Voice Tracer
Philips DVT6500 Digital Voice Tracer
Philips DVT8010 Meeting Recorder
Philips ACC8120 Docking Station

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