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Olympus RM-4110S Classic Mode


This item is supplied to work with any version of Bighand, Winscribe or legacy software which previously worked with earlier Olympus dictation Microphones.  We guarantee compatibility.

Create clean, accurate verbal notes efficiently with the Olympus RecMic II. This series of desktop dictation microphones combines advanced technologies in an innovative advanced noise canceling system ideal for noisy environments. Intelligent dual microphones control the directionality to keep the focus on the person dictating, and suppress non-voice noise eliminating anything outside the human frequency range. In addition, a triple-layer studio-quality filter blocks traditionally problematic sounds including wind breath noise. 

The RecMic II microphones retain accurate spoken audio without any distortion while suppressing unwanted noise, and make controlling desktop dictation easy. In contrast to RM-4100S, the slide switch model RM-4110S offers a trackball with high usability for easy and fast navigation instead of the 7 customizable function buttons. The recommended use case for this model is for classic dictation.


Olympus AS-9005 ODMS R7 SCP Software (System Configuration Program)


The Olympus ODMS R7 System Configuration Program (SCP) is a web application used to centrally manage your user's settings, licenses and firmware updates. Olympus SCP perfectly supports easy central management of dictation networks. Designed for medium to large organisations, the SCP is server based software which is managed via a web browser for IT administrators to install, customise and centrally manage the ODMS environment in workgroup mode without any ongoing costs.

    Key Features
  • Administration of users and groups
  • AD import (without heritage/permissions)
  • Central license management
  • Lock features for users
  • MST file generator for silent installation
  • Print device list
  • System and file backup
  • Monitoring console
  • File downloader for clients
  • Citrix and terminal client support
  • Thin client support contact us to check compatibility with your thin client model
  • SCP is accessible from Chrome, Edge and Firefox
Olympus KP-13

ImageThe Olympus KP13 USB adapter is compatible with the Olympus RS28 and RS31 foot controls. Intended for connecting the foot control to the USB socket on your computer.

Olympus KP22

Image KP21 - 1.5m Mini-USB to USB Cable (e.g. for LS, DS, DM, VN, CR15). USB connection for fast downloading to PC. The long USB cable is especially designed to connect several Olympus audio devices to a PC.  For a 2.5m version of this cable please see KP21.

Olympus VP10

ImageThe new Olympus VP-10 gives a new dimension to digital business recording. Discreet in design, the VP-10 Recorder has advanced audio recorder tools that offers high-quality stereo recording and a host of convenient features for instant operation and clear recordings.

The Olympus VP10 Recorder can be set to record in 3 different formats:PCM (wav), MP3 and WMA. The VP10 has a special feature call Voice Balancer which makes softer voices louder while keeping louder voices below a given level, ensuring that playback is clear and consistent. It simultaneously eliminates the low and high frequency ranges of a recording to enhance the speaker’s voice even further.

For optimum recording the VP10 can be set to specific scenes. Pocket Mode is effective for recording a wide range of voices when the device is in your pocket. You can also select Dictation, Conference or Meeting scenes for fail-proof, high-quality recordings depending on your environment.

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